Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cherry Broken!

So it happened.

The first time Geoff Crump and Nat Topping performed their two man brilliance, deemed Crassus, was tonight - approximately 4 hours ago. It was also the first time ever they flubbed their lines on stage. It started with Geoff Crump, no less then 15 seconds into their very first sketch. Luckily the brilliant performers called out the screw ups and moved on, and the rest of the evening went pretty smoothly.

For the sake of record keeping, this is how it went down:

1) Full Circle on Film
2) Reaching Out
3) Sex and Waffles
4) Guitarman

The sketches were well received and, besides getting some pacing issues in control, the sketches will probably stay as is. I say the night was a success.

It was strange to realize that me and Nat, although working in sketch comedy together for a few years now, had not actually performed together since Robot vs. Dinosaur's production of "The Greatest Stories Never Told... Told!", which was RvD's first production, back in 2008. And I (Crump) have not been in a scripted show of any kind since then either. It's amazing how tough it is to get back into the swing of things. And I didn't feel nervous or anything, but I still fudged up and fudged some lines. Shaking off the cobwebs I guess.

Regardless, Nat and myself will start taking this city by storm. Indeed yes we will. Or at the very least we will make ourselves laugh by making others laugh at our dick jokes and overly analytical and mind bending dick jokes that are masked as thought provoking logic and fine art. Fun will be had. I ask you to witness it. Stay posted.


Crump said...

Why can't I format this post properly? Nat? You there? When I got to edit the post and look at the post preview it is formatted properly, but when I post it the whole thing lumps into one big paragraph. Why did I think the comment section was the best place to bring this up?

GW said...

I love these behind-the-scenes comments. Keep them coming, keep it real. Sorry I had to miss the show. I was rehearsing for a totally lame show at the time.

Unknown said...

For the record, I flubbed some lines as well.

Geoff: not sure why that would be. One thing you can do is switch the compose box to 'Edit HTML' just to make sure your line breaks are there before you post.

Unknown said...

And... formatted.