Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Post Show Ramblings: Show #2, SketchTest

In keeping with long established CRASSUS tradition (meaning, of course, that we did it last time), here are some thoughts for this last show.

I’m Nat by the way. I’m one of the two guys.  Hi.

For the sake of posterity, here was the running order for the show:

1) Warm up exercises
2) Homeless Prop Comic
3) Soap People
4) Winnifield Lindsay, Literary Pervert

The show was part of SketchTest, which is like an open mic for sketch groups, hosted by the good folks of Jablonski at the Pub Theatre. It’s the perfect set up for trying out new stuff and really just an all around good time for anyone who likes sketch and is interested in seeing works in progress. I would highly recommend the show, even when CRASSUS isn’t performing. Plus, it’s free for everyone involved.

It’s always fun performing something for the first time in front of an audience. As a performer, you can really feel what works and what needs more work based on the audience reaction. I would say the stuff that we tried this week was a little less like your standard sketch – homeless prop comic is more of a standup spoof; Winnifield Lindsay is very presentational in style; Soap People, while structured like a traditional sketch, has a pretty complex premise – so it was interesting to see what hit and where.

Overall, I’d say all three scenes went over pretty well, prop comic coming in at best received in my opinion and Winnifield Lindsay bringing up the rear but still having its moments of obscenely comic glory. Geoff and I now have an idea of what gets kept and what needs work as we continue to rewrite and refine.

A couple of the other groups cancelled at the last minute, so there was some extra time laying around. Geoff and I used some of that time to mess around with some warm up exercises on stage, which was actually a lot of fun. I think there’s a place for that kind of silliness in future shows.

Plus, one of the other performers played the saw. I have never seen that before.

MORE SHOWS TO COME!! Check back soon and huzzah for comedy!

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