Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post Show Ramblings: Show #3 PICTURES

We had one wife and one girlfriend in the audience Friday night with camera phones, and the results are pictures!

Artsy, am I right?

For posterity purposes, the running order for our first Grafitti show at the playground was:

Full Circle on Film
In My Shed (Song)
Reaching Out
The Haircut
Guitar Song

A good five scene line up, that's a decent chunk of show, right?  Combined with two other groups, we made it an evening.

Full Circle, Reaching Out and the Guitar Song have all been done previously at SketchTest.  Still, it was fun to pull some of those back out and try them for another audience.  The Guitar Song hit for the second consecutive time, so I think we have a keeper there with an idea or two to make it a little tighter.

The new sketches were In My Shed and The Haircut, both of which did pretty well.  I personally felt a little constricted when singing In My Shed, which I think might have been a result of doing this particular song for the first time in front of the audience and the fact that I was still flubbing some lines while practicing.  I think this will be a case of the song sounding better the more times I perform it for people.

The Haircut was a lot of fun.  It's a weird little piece and Geoff does a great job with the eccentric character, which makes it much easier to play the straightman.  Plus, I got to wear a wig:

We have another show on Tuesday at Fizz Bar.  Y'all should come out.

Look!  Love!

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