Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Not a Plug If It Already Happened...

... but Geoff and I did Grafiti last Friday at the Playground.

Scenes performed were:

Fish Are Caught With Pretzel Hooks (Fish Scene)
Homeless Prop Comic
Lessons Learned (Alamore)

I don't know why we bother giving scenes a title longer than three words, because inevitably on the set list we just write things like 'Fish' and 'Soap' and 'Waffles.'  If anyone ever found one of our discarded set lists, they'd think it was the worst grocery list ever.

Anyway, the audience was great.  Our first two scenes hit really well.  We still got our laughs on Alamore, but it didn't go over as well as previous performances (Rockford, what up?)  I'm not sure if that was a show placement thing or if our performances were just off, but whatever.  I'm quibbling over something where you readers probably couldn't care less.

One other thing of note: a buddy of mine from my Intro Voice Over class was there with his group Big Dog Eat Child.  Their set consisted of them doing a bunch of comedic hip hop.  It was great.  Not sure how often they perform live (they do a lot of video stuff) but they're worth checking out.

Here's the video for 'What Up Little Kid?'  Enjoy:

I mean, who doesn't hate kids, amirite?

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